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Cosco Outdoor Living BoxGuard Large

Secure Your Deliveries with the Cosco Outdoor Living BoxGuard® - 6.3 Cubic Feet of Lockable Storage!

- Secure: The BoxGuard® features a secure, locking mechanism to keep packages and items safe and secure.
- Versatile design: The BoxGuard® is designed to be used as a package delivery box, storage box, or even as a bench or table.

If you're looking for a secure, convenient way to store and receive packages, the Cosco Outdoor Living BoxGuard® is the perfect solution. This large, lockable package delivery and storage box offers 6.3 cubic feet of space, making it ideal for a variety of packages. The tan color is neutral enough to fit in with any outdoor décor. It's constructed from durable, weather-resistant material, and the lid has a tight seal to keep out moisture and pests. It also has a built-in lock with two keys for added security. The BoxGuard® is easy to assemble and can be mounted to the ground or wall for added stability. With its reliable construction and convenience, the Cosco Outdoor Living BoxGuard® is the perfect way to keep your packages safe and secure.