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PayLessHere 100 Gallon Deck Box Multifunctional Storage Box.

Secure and Versatile Outdoor Storage Solution - PayLessHere 100 Gallon Deck Box!

- Multifunctional design, allowing it to be used as a storage box, bench, or poolside table.
- Easy to assemble and comes with a keyhole for added security.

The PayLessHere 100 Gallons Deck Box Multifunctional Storage Box is the perfect addition to any outdoor space. With its waterproof construction, it is perfect for storing items outside. The box is large enough to store a variety of items, including pool supplies, garden supplies, and patio furniture. The built-in keyhole allows you to easily open and close the lid. It also features a comfortable bench seat on top, so you can sit and relax while enjoying your outdoor space. The box is made from durable plastic, making it strong and reliable. This storage box is ideal for any outdoor area and will provide years of reliable storage.